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Business Process Management

PamTen Business Process Management
What is Business Process Management?
BPM is a management practice that provides for governance of a business's process environment toward the goal of improving agility and operational performance. BPM is a structured approach employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software tools to manage and continuously optimize an organization's activities and processes.
Achieve operational excellence through BPM

Through BPM, organizations can achieve improved customer experience with processes aligned to business value.

We will support your productivity initiatives that involve business process improvement, business transformation/re-engineering, and IT portfolio optimization.

We have extensive experience in Business Process Management Services for the Pharma, Finance and Retail verticals applying lean, six-sigma methodologies for process improvement initiatives.

  • Bridge organizational silos and achieve cross-organization efficiencies
  • Faster decision making with clear roles and responsibilities.
  • More data-driven insights with data integrated to  processes
  • Documented processes enabling a shorter learning curve
  • Analysis of "As-Is" processes to continuously improve, optimize and develop "To-Be" processes

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Business: The Value

  • Sustained top-line growth and improved bottom-line performance
  • Increased innovation and continuous
  • Faster response to change
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Elevated staff effectiveness

Management: The Enabler

  • Bringing together all systems, methods, tools and techniques of process development
  • Monitoring and governing process effectiveness
  • Planning continuous improvement

Process: The Transformation (Openness & Visualization)

  • Resources and materials into products or services
  • Effective, transparent and agile
  • Proactive problem resolution

Technology: The Catalyst

  • Process modeling and design (IT and business use one common model)
  • Integration
  • Execution
  • Monitoring and control

Our Business Process Management Services Offerings

We help you assess your organizational maturity, select the right BPM technology and establish Business Process Management Center Of Excellence (BPM COE) and governance practices. We will help your organization to be BPM ready through awareness and training programs.

BPM Capability Assessment & Value Analysis
  • Build high-level organization process inventory
  • Determine core processes and the maturity level
  • Identify key programs in the portfolio
  • Assess and recommend BPM tools
  • Create BPM roadmap
Establishment of BPM COE/Governance
  • Determine BPM Governance Model
  • Establish BPM COE and governance processes
  • Determine key roles  and responsibilities
  • Integrate BPM COE with portfolio management, PMO and Enterprise Architecture
  • Establish BPM tool and standards
  • Determine training needs and educate organization in BPM
BPM Operations (Also as a Managed Service)
  • Conduct BPM workshops and document high level processes
  • Document detailed processes
  • Import /convert process documentation into the BPM tool (Example: Visio)
  • Create reports in a BPM tool
  • Administer BPM tool(s)
  • Organize and update documentation in BPM tool
  • Monitor process dashboard and update management

BPM Lifecycle Activities

PamTen Business Process Management Lifecycle Activities