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Creating an interesting and interactive shopping experience for shoppers is the key to growing your customer base, their loyalty, and increasing sales. InStorePal, a proximity based marketing tool, can provide your customers with that personalized, unique experience they crave and generate targeted sales that will help your bottom line.

  • Cost Effective – Install the InStorePal beacons, offer the app to customers, and promote the products or services to as wide a base as you choose. And it’s easy to change offers and manage the process.
  • Support – If you need assistance or advice on using your InStorePal, help is just a call or click away.
  • Wide Application – Whether promoting sales, events, or services, the promotional messages can be sent to close portable devices enabled with Bluetooth. The broadcast can also be widened to reach those further out but still in the area.
  • Value – the analytics supplied give you a more detailed perspective on your customers shopping behaviors, which will help improve the overall store performance.



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