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Security for your personal information is essential these days. But how do you keep those documents safe? With PDMS (Personal Document Management System), all of your information regarding your health, finances, insurance, etc., can be easily taken with you wherever you go or travel.

  • Safe & Secure Records – This portable device securely stores information like health records, prescription details, contact information, and insurance forms that may be essential in an emergency. All the information is managed by the user through a secure web portal that syncs with the card, which is encrypted with unique passwords and security codes to protect your information.
  • Durability – The PDMS Card is the size of a credit card so it is easy to carry in your wallet. Yet it’s durable and strong to withstand various outside trauma. The built in USB can connect to any computer.
  • Support – If you need assistance, advice, or an emergency service needs access to the card, our team is always available to help.
  • Wide Application – The system can be utilized by individuals, agencies, schools, health care facilities, etc. The possibilities are unlimited.




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