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The Low Code Revolution Part 2 for App Development: Why use low code development platforms? Many businesses are transforming themselves through digitization. The introduction of new technologies, increasing demands from stakeholders to respond quickly to a constantly c...

Low-code platforms require some coding which means that some level of technical knowledge and coding expertise is required. These platforms are primarily used by IT organizations to speed up software application delivery. They provide an advantage over no code platform...

Every face has numerous, distinguishable landmarks; the different peaks and valleys that make up unique facial features. Each human face has approximately 80 nodal points that are measured for verifications. Some of these measured by the Facial Recognition Technology a...

You have 6 to 10 seconds. That’s the amount of time an employer looks at a CV or resume before deciding whether the applicant should be considered for a technology staffing, job, or any position. That isn’t much time, and may seem unfair. However, snap decisions need t...

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