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Get Close to Your Customers with Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

There’s an old saying we’re all familiar with – Location, Location, Location. When it comes to location, those with the most unique location stand out the most. Proximity marketing takes advantage of that old adage, and puts you in the most unique location, right in your customer’s pocket. Now just think about that. Imagine a cost effective way to reach the consumers right in your area, a way that you control, from the message content to the distance the consumer needs to be in order to be reached by the message. Now that is a way to stand out from the crowd. With InStorePal and the power of proximity marketing, you can do just that.

While Proximity and Marketing are not unfamiliar words, what does Proximity Marketing really mean? Proximity Marketing utilizes Bluetooth and wireless technology to send direct messages to customers and visitors that are near your location. PamTen’s new app, InStorePal, is a proximity based marketing tool which can provide your customers with a personalized and unique experience. According to JiWire, leaders in connecting to the today’s on-the-go audience, “53%  of the on-the-go U.S. audience revealed they are willing to share their location to receive more relevant content. Mobile consumers under the age of 34 are more eager to share, with 60% offering their location for better information.” These results show that consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable with the idea of sharing their location with companies, especially if it means a better product. Furthermore, ABI estimates that mobile use by the end of 2015 will reach 1.37 billion users and by 2020 there will be over 3.5 billion mobile users. With such a powerful tool to reach consumers, consider getting your wireless infrastructure on par with your consumers.

InStorePal has the key features you look for when considering Proximity Marketing. InStorePal is easy to use as the mobile application is free for consumers to download, the software is self manageable with just a few simple steps to set up the message. The hardware, a small beacon, has a long life cycle since it consumes little energy to operate because of the use of Bluetooth technology. InStorePal utilizes Bluetooth technology to the fullest by allowing a dual message system, per beacon, which sends a different massage based off of a near or far proximity. Another key feature that InStorePal provides to help your ROI is reporting which will help you gain insight into visits, repeat visitors and dwell time between locations of your customers. Retail TouchPoints conducted a survey on retailers and it showed that those who had installed beacons in their store track and understand how consumers moved through the store and selected items for purchase, down to their behavior in each aisle, because of beacons. Furthermore, InStorePal comes with PamTen’s Support where we are just a call away and will be happy to assist you.

There are so many possibilities for this type of application. Small stores can take advantage through downtown associations. Once acquired, they can use this app to let consumers walking by their store know up to the minute information about sales or new products.  Large scale events can offer this to exhibitors and vendors to help them get their message to a broader audience. Any information from booth location to events going on at the stage can be broadcasted throughout the day. If we want to think outside the box, InStorePal can even be used in museums, casinos and hotels to keep guests informed and improve the customer experience.

The benefits of using InstorePal can drive customer engagement by putting your sales and product information right in their hands, with little work on the consumer’s part. Syncing up your customer service department with the analytics of InStorePal can help acquire more customers by identifying customer trends, allowing you to tailor your services. The power of proximity marketing can increase sales and personalize the shopping experience to build loyalty. A great example of this is how the Pittsburgh Penguins and Cleveland Cavaliers took advantage of proximity marketing. They installed beacons in their stadium which greeted fans as they entered the arena with specialized messages alerting them about concession offers and discounts in their souvenir store. The Penguins also use it to allowed fans to see an interactive experience at the Mario Lemieux statue.

Learn more about the possibilities of InStorePal and how to make your customer’s experience something to remember. Contact us today!