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E-Commerce Solutions

About 25% of the world’s population makes their purchases online. Those numbers continue to grow every year. To take advantage of the power of the web, it’s important to have a smooth e-Commerce solution that also provides the analytics a company needs to meet demand and adjust to trends. Integrated fulfillment and shipping increase productivity and satisfaction. PamTen’s e-Commerce solutions bring together the elements that get products to the customers and companies to success.

Bringing an Early Education System to the US With a Specialized e-Commerce Web Application

e-Commerce Web Application

Our Client is a leading Japanese early education company who was eager to expand into the American market. They required an eCommerce Web Application capable of selling products as well as providing some additional functionality. In order to market and sell their products it was determined they needed an eCommerce platform with the following features:

  • Online Order Processing
  • Supplier and Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reports & Analytics

PamTen developed a high level plan that organized the project workflow. A timeline was created that became a key component in this process as it was important to meet strict deadlines. PamTen’s dual-shore development model reduced IT development costs by 30%. The end result is a fully functional eCommerce Web Portal that was delivered on-time and met all the Client’s requirements. The Web Portal was easy to use on both Web and Mobile platforms (Android, iPad & iPhone).


PamTen provided an eCommerce platform that is automated and efficient, reducing labor costs and operating expenses. This end-to-end solution gave their customers the ability to place orders as well as interact in a much easier fashion. Because this solution also included inventory management it allowed the client to sell large volumes of its product without incurring service fees they would have paid using a 3rd party to deliver goods. This fully functional platform essentially afforded our client the opportunity to reinvent their business by providing the capability to break into the American market.