From large corporations to small non-profit organizations, PamTen has provided detailed IT planning and solutions that have helped these companies succeed and grow. Working in a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceutical to retail, law to consumer products, PamTen has been there to transform problems to solutions.


Law firms and legal organizations handle massive amounts of documentation. Tracking assets, legal paperwork, performing key analytics, and assuring accuracy is a daunting task. PamTen provides the talent to create the solution that keeps the system running.

Managed Services

Systems integrations or migrations can be just as trying for large companies as they are for small companies. There are times when a new application is the best solution. PamTen specializes in understanding the exact outcome clients require – and making it happen.


Non-profit and charitable organizations have the same problems as any business, but often work under tight budgets that require unique and creative solutions. See how PamTen has transformed these difficulties into positives.


Maintaining proper documentation, tracking assets, and protecting peoples health is paramount for pharmaceutical companies. When they have a need for new creative solutions to address their problems, PamTen is there.


Retail today requires more than just bricks and mortar stores, it needs a strong, growing, online presence and the ability to quickly respond to fulfillment requirements. Learn how PamTen's inventive solutions have successfully addressed these problems.

Consumer Products

Companies should be concentrating on manufacturing and distribution, not worrying about their IT issues or trying to develop software solutions on their own. See how PamTen has transformed processes with innovative problem solving.

Digital Marketing

Making your business stand out in the crowded and noisy world of the internet is not easy. With constantly changing algorithms, new resources, constant comments, and new businesses know even where to begin can be frustrating. See how PamTen’s Digital Marketing team helped target company goals and create and execute a strategy that drives traffic.


Financial organizations can run into difficulty when upgrading older systems or managing the integration of necessary legacy applications. Read on to find out how PamTen has provided solutions to these companies' issues.

Government Sector

Government agencies and offices have very distinct security requirements and guidelines, yet still run in to IT problems that need a creative and unique solution. That's where PamTen comes in.