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Over 60% of the people begin their shopping experience online.

If your business isn’t selling online, it’s missing a huge potential market. But starting or revamping an online store can be intimidating. If you want to take advantage of the power of the internet, it’s important to have a smooth e-Commerce solution that entices customers and provides you with the analytics you need to meet demand and quickly adjust to trends. PamTen’s e-Commerce Solutions team makes sure your online potential is being reached by building a detailed plan based on your needs and goals.

We can build you a strong e-commerce system:

  • Increases customer engagement and helps build a broader client base.
  • Convenient and intuitive for customers – and employees!
  • Provides your business with expanded marketing opportunities through SEO and social media integration.
  • Scalable to grow or change as your business changes.

The e-commerce sector is booming. Retail companies across the board are doubling down on their digital-sales presence. A rapidly shifting landscape requires flexible, up-to-date, and service-oriented IT support. Through its relationships with retailers and 3PL partners, PamTen is deeply versed in e-commerce IT requirements and builds flexible systems that can adapt to evolving circumstances. PamTen’s e-Commerce platform is integrated with Inventory & Warehouse Management, which is an end-to-end solution that can include logistics and shipping through our integrated partner Marketway.

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