Is Your Workflow in a Repetitive, Repeating Pattern? Can BPM help?

February 2, 2017

BPM – Business Process Management is a phrase that is frequently tossed around when things go wrong. “We need a new process, let’s add a new step.” “We’ll get new software.”  These are things that get said when an organizations current process can’t deliver because of the company’s growth, new software or new equipment.
Most organizations turn to BPM to simplify their processes by getting rid of redundancies and non-value added steps. This is important to accomplish because employees can be more efficient by concentrating on more productive work and customer response. But it can do more than that. BPM is all about making and keeping things running smoothly, efficiently and effectively. It is a discipline that, once implemented, can add to the success of an organization and to its bottom line.
Is there any process that your organization needs to improve? 



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