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PamTen’s Services Continue to Win Awards

CIO review

Continuing to build on the success of being 21st in the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in New Jersey, PamTen, Inc. has been named one of one of the 20 Most Promising Web Development & Design Service Providers by CIO Review Magazine. 

PamTen, Inc.’s 8 years in business have seen consistence growth. The services and products have also grown over the years to include SEO, Social Media, eCommerce, and mobile solutions, but the company was originally founded on, and continues to build upon, the strength of its web development and design.

Chaya Pamula, President and CEO, and Prasad Tenjerla, COO and Co-founder, have strived to develop a team that shares their vision of developing strong relationships with customers and understanding their requirements and needs. “We don’t just create the website, but also offer advice on how to drive in more traffic through various marketing infomercials across social media as well as comply with Google’s search analytics to deliver better visibility,” says Mr. Tenjerla.

PamTen is featured in the December 2015 Web Development Issue of CIO Review.

For more information about PamTen’s services and products, contact Prasad Tenjerla at 609-643-4228.