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Adopting Digital Accessibility for ADA Compliance 

Being ADA compliant is more than just assuring your physical facility is accessible to everyone, it includes your digital presence as well. Providing accessibility is an ongoing journey. During the journey of technical accessibility, PamTen will help your organization streamline the process, create policies and procedures, and make being technologically accessible a regular part of doing business. 

How can you assure your digital footprint is in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act?  

  • Get an accessibility audit 
  • Train your team 
  • Support your content authors and software developers 
  • Create and adopt a formal accessibility policy 
  • Provide support to people with disabilities 

What is Section 508 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973? 

ADA – American disabilities act, The Rehabilitation Act – was originally signed into law in 1973. It prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in programs and services run by the federal government or its contractors and you are required to comply with federal conditions if you are a federal agency or run a program for the federal government. It has also become a standard for all businesses. 

Section 508 covers technology procured by a federal agency under contract with a private entity or produced within the agency itself. It applies to all Digital Technology including software, web sites, web applications, and hardware applications such as computers, networks, peripherals, and other types of electronic office equipment.  

How can PamTen help in your accessibility journey? 

Whether you’re in the middle of accessibility remediation or planning for the future, it helps to bring in an expert. Our accessibility specialists can work alongside your team at any stage in the process to offer guidance and assistance and help you ensure a successful outcome. 

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