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Digital Marketing – What Does It All Mean? Part 2

Digital Marketing Techniques

In our previous blog, we showed you some of the steps you need to take to layout your Digital Marketing plan. Now we’ll start looking at the various types of Digital Marketing you can employ to boost your business. Some may be more appropriate than others for your particular business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online Reputation Marketing (ORM)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Content Development Services

Email Marketing

Web and Creative Services

Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making sure your website is googleable is one of the most important aspects of getting found online. Ranking in Google can be tough when you look at the competition for space and placement. The goal is to get as close to the top, preferably on the first page, as possible. There are 3.5-4 billion searches that take place every day in Google. And there are hundreds of algorithm updates released by Google every year. Each update can affect the search results and where your business will land in the ranking. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a top leading organization in industry, or a small start-up, optimization is very important for visibility in this competitive world.

Search Engine Optimization is a practice of developing content and promoting the website in various Search Engines. This practice includes Keyword research and optimization, content organization, and content promotion. Good SEO practices incorporate on page, off page, and technical aspects to provide the strongest opportunities for increased visibility.

What are the Benefits of thorough SEO?

  • Primary Source of Leads: SEO plays a crucial role in bringing your company up in the ranking through organic search results. Higher ranks make you easier to find.
  • Promotes Better Cost Management: With good SEO that is well maintained, the search results rank your company higher so there is less of a need to spend extra for paid promotions to advertise your website.
  • Encourages Local Users to Visit Your Physical Location: If you have a store or business where potential customers are encouraged to come in, strong SEO will help bring your ranking up and make it easier for people to find your location and visit your store. That improves the probability of them making a purchase, and possibly becoming a long term customer.
  • Builds Brand Credibility: Improved rankings give you greater visibility, which lets users know that your company is a top player in the industry.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is probably something you are very familiar with. It brings your business right to the audience with your story in your own words. It is the best way to communicate with a broad audience. However, there are methods to help you build a more targeted audience.

Social media is just that – social. The key to a successful social media presence is your engagement with individuals and other groups that will help build your online reputation as an authority and as a great company. There are subtle differences between the various platforms for types of content, image sizes, hashtags, and other aspects of your posts. It’s also important not to always sound like a commercial. Providing information, insight, and other interesting facts help build the relationship you’re looking for with potential and current customers. You might be surprised to know that the quality of your contacts and customers and their interaction is almost more important than the number of likes and follows.

What can Social Media Marketing to for you?

  1. SSM builds recognition and a personal connection.
  2. Optimized Social Media pages improvements the rankings in search results.
  3. Improves Customer Satisfaction and feedback through interaction with people interested in you and your business.

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Content Development

Have you heard the phrase “Content is king”? Because it certainly is. The words you write, the stories you tell, the excitement you share through your website, blog posts, social media, and press releases are the keystones for building, growing, and developing an audience of potential customers.

Google uses machine learning and AI algorithms to scan the content, quality, and relevance of your pages.  But when you’re building your content, it shouldn’t just be promotional or “salesy”. Look to write content that is educational or inspirational, content that’s resourceful, and relevant to your market. Your website content should incorporate keywords and generate backlinks, but maintain a balance so it doesn’t look or feel forced. This not only helps your rankings, but it continues to build trust and your reputation as a resource.

Before we move to advanced Digital Marketing options, let’s take a look at the importance of your main digital asset – your website.

Website Development

You have a story to tell about yourself and your business. It’s an interesting story, and your site should be interesting as well. You need to think about your site from the perspective of your customer. What are they looking for, and how can you weave your story into their search?

For your business, exposure is key to attracting customers. An effective Website with great content and design increases the probability for sales and business growth. It needs to incorporate a good user experience, so they’ll continue to come back.

A major factor to consider for your website is the design – the layout, style, and font choices should be a pleasant composition that’s easy to read on any device. You may LOVE those fancy fonts, but do they translate well on cell phones? You have hundreds of pictures you want to add, but if you put them as a background, do they distract from the story? Can people easily find how to order or contact you?

There are a variety of platforms to choose from for hosting your site. Take time to do the research to find the one that best suits your needs.

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We’ve covered some of the key elements to include in your Digital Marketing arsenal. In our next blog, we’ll cover additional aspects of your program you should take into consideration. Read Part 3