INDUSTRIES Social EnterPrise

Non-government organizations (NGO’s) and charities have the same problems as any for-profit business, but often work under tight budgets that require unique and creative solutions.

Our expert team has helped a large organization with a comprehensive online event management platform that reduced inefficiencies and streamlined registration processes, which in turn increased attendance and revenue. PamTen has also worked with business associations to build a system for better collaboration and retention, all integrated into one platform.

Technology can broaden the range and reach of services provided by non-profits. These organizations need to stay informed on the uses of technology to increase their social impact, fund development, resource allocation, and more. Technology can transform the non-profit sector, encouraging innovation, improvements in efficacy, increased fund development, and better opportunity to achieve their mission.

PamTen’s unique perspective, having a well established non-profit of our own, has helped align the technology to the need for NGO’s and charities, both large and small.

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