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In Celebration of International Women’s Day

International Womens Day

Today we celebrate #InternationalWomensDay. Women have faced many challenges, but continue to join together and rise to the occasion. It is a day to realize how far women have come – but how far there is still to go. Chaya Pamula, PamTen’s co-founder, President and CEO, knows that there are many struggles that women face in ways that men do not, but they can be addressed and overcome with support from forward thinking men and other like minded women.

Chaya founded SOFKIN, where the children celebrated International Women’s Day by showing their appreciation to the housemothers and caretakers. These women were once destitute and in dire circumstances, but have grown to be confident, strong, independent leaders and supporters.

Today is also the Anniversary of the Global Women’s League! Started by Chaya, this organization works to “Inspire, influence, engage and empower women to become successful leaders”. The GWL and Chaya also participated in a number of events including a Networking Session for Entrepreneurial Women, Mississauga, Canada. Additionally, Chaya served on the Access to Justice Panel of the India Conference 2016, hosted by the Harvard Business School – Harvard Kennedy School. Her portion of the panel reflected on the injustices still present for women in the India Judicial system and how to address them.

In its inaugural year, the Global Women’s League has hosted “Empowering Your Passion”, an exciting panel discussion about women facing their challenges and embracing the opportunities presented to them. Stay tuned for another event coming this summer that will focus on building and nurturing women’s leadership skills.

Celebrate International Women’s Day and recognize that there are strong, brave, caring women all around us every day. Let’s show them the love, respect and appreciation they deserve!