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E-Commerce Solutions

About 25% of the world’s population makes their purchases online. Those numbers continue to grow every year. To take advantage of the power of the web, it’s important to have a smooth e-Commerce solution that also provides the analytics a company needs to meet demand and adjust to trends. Integrated fulfillment and shipping increase productivity and satisfaction. PamTen’s e-Commerce solutions bring together the elements that get products to the customers and companies to success.

Sales, Marketing, Inventory, and Fulfillment – An Integrated Warehouse Inventory Solution for a Marketing Program Management Firm

Inventory Management

Our client, an innovative and expanding sales implementation and marketing program management  firm, was struggling with their inventory management and fulfillment system. The system was outdated and did not contain the functionality, compatibility or configurability that was needed. The outdated system was not configurable and could not integrate with e-Commerce systems. These issues increased order processing time and prevented the client from providing the end-to-end solutions their customers were demanding.


PamTen was engaged to build a new warehouse inventory management system for the client. PamTen  began by performing an in-depth analysis of the existing system to ensure that all key functionality was carried over to the new system .The new system was built using Microsoft Technologies. The completely modular design enables smooth integration with e-commerce and reporting systems. The new system is configurable enabling the client and their customers to individualize the system for their specific needs.


The new system provided the client with the functionality and configurability they desperately needed  to expand their business. The client can now easily and quickly configure their system to meet the changing demands of their customers.
The system improved the client’s warehouse management and fulfillment operations and enabled the client to quickly deliver flexible cost efficient end-to-end solutions to their customers.