Creating a Crowd with Proximity Marketing


A leather accessory retail company with stores in several major cities wanted to implement a proximity based marketing solution to provide customers with an interactive shopping experience that would enhance sales, and grow the customer base at a minimum cost.

The system had to take into consideration the client’s requirements as well as the customer’s needs and interests.

The retailer needed a solution that included:   

  • Easy access to the application for customers on both iOS and Android mobile devices.  
  • An easy way to send marketing and promotional messages to the targeted customers.  
  • The ability to send broadcast messages as notifications to the customers that were in close proximity of the stores. 
  • Analytics and reports to inspect the customer buying behavior and trends.  
  • Access to configure the promotional messages as and when required.  
  • A user-friendly interface which helps them configure the beacons used, add beacons, add and manage items per beacon, deactivate the beacons, and similar other tasks.  

PamTen’s team reviewed the desired results that the client was hoping for, and worked with their team to understand the business work flow. PamTen then designed and implemented a system that:

  • Enabled the client to frame the promotional pop-ups with text or pictures and other product details such as discounts, sales price, item name, etc.  
  • Directed the customers on the use of the mobile app – how to receive offers, access history, check the previous offers received, etc..  
  • Allowed easy management of the beacon devices placed in the stores and to quickly add items as required.
  • Contained easy to use applications available on iOS stores and Android for customers.  
  • Presented an intuitive and easy to use interface and dashboard for understanding complex data to provide analytics on customer buying behavior and trends.  
  • Provided support services and a comprehensive user guide for any assistance regarding the use of this technology.  

Our client built a better promotional system to enhance customers while staying within a limited budget, helping to reduce marketing costs. Promotions were able to be quickly adapted to help reduce over stock on given items, and quickly introduce new items to customers.  

By having the ability to target customers in and around the store, foot traffic to the locations was increased, as was the overall shopping experience for customers. The analytics captured improved the understanding of the buying behavior of customers and helped adjust to trends and current patterns of purchase.  

Both the customer experience showed great improvement, as did the ROI for marketing in a highly competitive retail field.