Innovation in Emergency Medicine

Innovation in Emergency Medicine

An innovative entrepreneur wanted to provide individuals with an easy and secure way to allow emergency first responders and healthcare professionals to access their medical records and other personal data in the event the individual is unresponsive in an emergency situation. To accomplish this, a solution was needed to enable individuals to conveniently and securely view, store, transfer, and transport their personal data.

Some of the critical design criteria included a web application user interface that was intuitive and secure, and a small and lightweight device which the individual would use to store and carry their documents and records.

Key features and functionality included:

  • The ability to support multiple data formats.
  • A robust authentication and permissions based security model to ensure the data was only accessible by those who are authorized.
  • Configurable email notifications.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities.
  • Interface with the client’s customer care organization.

Working closely with the client, PamTen created a solution that met all of the client’s design and functional criteria. The solution included:

  • A secure credit card sized USB device that interfaces with a personalized web portal.
  • A customized GUI that ensures the data stored on the USB device is secure and only accessible by the subscriber and authorized personnel.
  •  A web portal that provides the subscriber with the ability to quickly and easily upload, store, manage and transfer their personal documentation to the secure USB device.
  • Administration functionality that enables the client to manage users and their accounts.
  • Interface to the client’s customer care for the activation, card provisioning, and account management.

The solution enables subscribers to easily manage and carry all of their personal documents in a convenient and secure manner, making this potentially lifesaving information accessible to emergency first responders and healthcare professionals.

The solution has applications that go beyond a personal document management system. Government and state agencies, healthcare providers, and practitioners can limit their liability when individuals who may not be in possession of, or able to provide, critical information such as current medications, health history, allergies, etc. to emergency first responders and healthcare personnel.