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A successful cloud strategy can empower an organization with agility and resilience to build a high-performance business. A wrong cloud strategy could create the opposite effect.

PamTen can help organizations build a proper cloud strategy by utilizing the appropriate environment (private clouds, public clouds and legacy IT environments) into a high-performance IT platform geared for innovation and growth.

Whether you’re building a Product, Application, or Hosting Business Applications, Data & Analytics or setting up dynamic virtual work desks, we can help you with the right strategy to capitalize on the advantages of Cloud.

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Cloud Security

PamTen provides a comprehensive suite of security services that utilize best-in-class security services from Cloudflare, Imunify360, and GoDaddy Security Premium.

These security services protect the network, application, file, and operating system levels to prevent malware infections, web attacks, vulnerability exploitation, and other threats.

Key features include:
  • Network and Web Application Firewalls to help prevent unauthorized access.
  • Realtime malware scanning and reliable cleanup.
  • HTTPS encryption (HTTP/S L4-7) to identify and mitigate distributed denial-of-service attacks.
  • Intrusion Dection and Prevention monitoring of network traffic to identify malicious behavior and block attacks.
  • Active Response OSSEC to prevent operating system intrusions.
  • SSL certificate to authenticate website identity and enable encrypted connections.
  • Real-time monitoring of logs that contain detailed information of alerts and perfromace.
  • Proactive Patch Management to ensure systems are updated with security patches and updates.
  • 24×7 active monitoring.
  • Fast and Secure Managed DNS Service.
  • Secure backup.
Build on Cloud

Build your application from the ground up in the Cloud. Different vendors offer multiple services which can help you rapidly build and deploy your applications and products. We help you find the right cloud strategy for your applications.

Migrate to Cloud

Cloud adoption is a key element for businesses to fire up their performance engines. Without the right plan there could be delays and a disruption in business. We become an advocate to the customer managing their migration.

Optimize your Cloud

When traditional applications are migrating to the cloud, some of the underlying technologies can’t accommodate the full benefits of being in the cloud. We can help you identify those bottlenecks and can optimize your systems, resulting in higher performance and cost savings.