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Multi-Platform Windows Migration

MultiPlatform Windows Migration

A multinational major financial service company needed to upgrade and unify the operating system for their computers. They operate in 6 locations across the globe with multiple business partners around the world. The requirement was to migrate over 1700 virtual and physical systems to Windows 7. The process would need to physically locate and migrate multiple platform types to Windows 7 across all sites in a specified time frame.

The process would require:

  • Onsite Project Management & Client Liaison
  • Strict adherence to federal and international banking and securities guidelines.
  • Configurations of SCCM
  • Management & Tracking of Asset Inventory
  • User notification and follow-up
  • Desktop support
  • Application package verification and migration
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting to client

PamTen utilized high level BPM techniques to manage the multi-platform migration process, an intense hands on approach was needed to successfully meet the deadline. PamTen provided staff for physical and virtual migrations as well as desktop support for post migration issues. All staff had to pass rigorous background checks. PamTen team members were at all locations across the US and overseas as needed for the volume of migrations at that location.

PamTen began by rebuilding and simplify the process using PamTen and Microsoft technologies to meet the strict regulatory requirements. Reporting processes were streamlined and consolidated to create a more cohesive and valuable metric.

A variety of software needed testing and reconfiguration in conjunction with the client onsite IT team. Appsense was utilized for profile management. Troubleshooting and reporting procedures were developed for orphan or limited use applications.

Processes and procedures were developed and adhered to for the various migration formats which included physical desktops and/or laptops, hardware to FlexPod, and FlexPod to FlexPod.


As a result of PamTen’s management, expertise, and insight, the client:

  • Was able to focus on core business functions and application development while the systems were upgraded.
  • Received an asset management repository developed by PamTen.
  • Had a configured SCCM that was more dynamic and functional to client needs.
  • Had over 1700 systems upgraded to Windows 7, with fully functioning applications in place.
  • Accomplished the goal for migration in the time frame specified.
  • Had a process and system in place for further company wide, multiplatform migrations.