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Building Event Engagement – An Organized Event Platform Solution

Organized Event Platform Solution

A New York based not for profit organization with over 22,500 members was managing their events registration through a series of spreadsheets and online forms. The organization was looking for a comprehensive online event management platform that would allow them to manage events in a more efficient and centralized manner.

A solution was needed that would:

  • Enable event managers to easily create and manage multiple events in different formats, each with their own ticketing plans.
  • Allow event managers to create custom fields for event registration.
  • Allow members to easily register for events.
  • Allow members to submit partial payments for events and camps.
  • Provide analytics for event registration and revenue generation.
  • Seamlessly integrate with their membership CRM – Salesforce.

After reviewing the needs of the organization, PamTen designed, developed, and implemented a customized solution that provided:

  • A flexible, centralized system to administer the entire event management lifecycle for over 150 events per year.
  • Smooth integration with their Salesforce CR to import all the member data into the Events platform on a weekly basis. 
  • Advanced administration functionality to create, control, monitor, and report on events and revenue.
  • The solution provided the organization with a scalable and easily configurable platform that increased participation and revenue while streamlining the event management processes.
  • The multiple registration process provided flexibility for event organizers to register all members of a unit for an event or camp at one.
  • The administrative functionality ensured that the organization was always aware and in control of all event related activities.
  • The analytics provided the organization with the data necessary to make informed decisions when developing new events and programs.
  • The advance reporting capabilities provide accurate financial tracking and forecasting.