Social Responsibility


It is there in our mission: We Are Driven By Our Passion To Transform Businesses And People’s Lives To Make A Positive Difference In This World. All of our employees are encouraged to help out the charities they support. As a company we support a number of charities, including the American Heart Association, the United Way of Mercer County, various chambers of commerce, mentorship programs, and a variety of others. Two programs are particularly dear to every member of PamTen.



Support Organization for Kids In Need (SOFKIN) is a non-profit that gives destitute children in India more than just the basics. Over 80 children are giving warm beds, healthy meals, education, medical care, clean clothes, guidance, encouragement, love – in other words, a real home. PamTen not only provides financial support, it gives these young people internships, mentoring, and job opportunities. Find out more about this amazing organization and how you can help “Give a Home, Share a Smile.”



SheTek is a non-profit organization aimed to address the disparity of the number of women in the technology field. Through a strong and growing community of partners that are passionate about empowering women in technology, SheTek provides career advice, development, opportunities, mentorships, workshops, and more. Discover more about SheTek and how you can help us increase the number of women in the tech field.