Online and distance learning are now integral aspects of any education, something that will become part of the norm in the future. Public and private educational institutes of all sizes need to be able to provide a supportive, learning environment while meeting student needs and curriculum requirements.

Think of all the aspects that go into a solid educational program. Administration needs to have access to curriculum, scheduling, grading, and student files. Teachers need to be able to develop their courses and provide the information in one format to administration, and then another format to teach their students. They need to communicate with their students, monitor progress, and help individually or in groups. Students need to be able to see their class, do their homework, ask questions, take notes, form study groups – and learn! Many educational institutes have been utilizing an assortment of programs across different platforms to accomplish all of this, but it gets confusing and difficult with compatibility, access, and remembering who’s using what program for what process. How much easier is it with everything in one, consolidated platform? Welcome to Collear.

Collear is an affordable, secure, collaborative learning solution. The platform has a customizable dashboard that allows for clear, yet protected, communication flow. Classrooms can offer chats, group study, forums, and workshops. It creates not just a virtual classroom – but a virtual school and all that entails.

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