The retail industry is focused on sales. We’ve helped retailers improve their online reputation, build their start up salon and health care businesses, improve their online shopping experience from order through delivery, and more, all while always keeping theirmain target in mind – to get these products and services directly into consumers’ hands.

Convenience is everything for an online shopper. While bricks and mortar stores are still a staple in the retail trade, online sales and marketing have taken operations in to exciting – and sometimes challenging – new directions.

The Solutions team at PamTen has wide-ranging experience with the retail industry, encompassing small start-ups to national organizations. We work with you to build a strong, growing, online presence and the ability to quickly respond to fulfillment requirements. Our mission is to help your retail establishment face the uncertainty of the future by having a broad set of resources to use both on and offline.

By understanding the workflow and processes starting with inventory through to final sales to the customer, PamTen’s insights bring technology answers to retail issues.

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Consumer Products

PamTen knows that consumer products companies should be concentrating on developing their goods, manufacturing, distribution, and sales. They should not be worrying about IT problems or how to find software solutions on their own. We’ve helped many companies bring their application ideas to life. We’ve worked closely with all of the businesses teams to understand their needs and help get their different systems and applications talking to each other for faster data sharing. Our team has assisted in the proper alignment of technology to meet their goals – and we can help do the same for yours.

When the organization recognizes the need for a new IT Strategy, PamTen is here to transform processes with innovative problem-solving. A new product idea or application inspiration can give the company a boost, and PamTen can help bring in the technology and talent to provide the IT guidance to make that vision become a reality.

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