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SOFKIN - Support Organization For Kids In Need

Non-profit organizations, charitable groups, and NGO’s need to stay visible, and engaged to maintain their organizations mission – all while keeping revenue flowing in. Many non-profits and charitable organizations are working with donated equipment or outdated software which can be challenging when trying to upgrade, develop new programs, or install new software on typically tight budgets.

PamTen has extensive non-profit management experience through our own charitable organization. We have a distinct advantage when working with charities: our non-profit experience combined with our for-profit expertise gives us a unique perspective to address the challenges NGO’s face. We can bring more to the table by providing targeted IT strategies, roadmaps, identification and implementation of IT solutions, all with specialized discounts for organizations in this category.

How can PamTen help your organization?

Strategic Solutions

Our experienced team meets with you to understand your work flow and the goals you are trying to reach. We help our clients identify the optimal technology solution to their business problem to implement quick wins for an immediate ROI and roadmap for continuous improvement.

Technology Assessment

PamTen can give you a thorough review of your current technology and provide a game plan to have the systems work together, keeping things running smoothly.


The best resource any organization has is its personnel. But with IT systems and processes continuously changing, your staff can fall behind on how to safely handle data. PamTen offers several training programs to make sure everyone is up-to-date on your systems, as well as being cybersafe.

Software Solutions

Our PamTen team will do a full assessment of your IT portfolio to help develop fully integrated software solutions, including mobile applications that fit your business need and budget.

We have a deep understanding and a heartfelt appreciation of the challenges non-profit organizations face. We work to be your partner, giving your organization the means to successfully achieving your goals and objectives.

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