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Social Impact Solutions

Non-profit organizations, charitable groups, and NGO’s have unique IT needs. PamTen has expertise in successfully assisting these organizations by providing guidance, insight, custom solutions, and support within the guidelines of limited budgets.

Enabling Community Engagement At Scale

Networking Platform

A New Jersey based regional Chamber of Commerce with over 1,200 members wanted to replace their existing website and event registration system. The chamber was looking for a new platform that would provide a framework to easily manage events and increase member engagement.   

A solution was needed that would:

  • Allow members to maintain and personalize their company and individual profiles.
  • Allow members to view, connect, and interact with other members who shared similar skills and interests.
  • Enable the Chamber to create and manage multiple membership plans.
  • Enable event managers to easily create and manage multiple event types each with their own ticketing plans.
  • Provide the Chamber with analytics for event and membership planning.

PamTen designed, developed, and implemented a solution that provided the chamber with:

  • A flexible, centralized system to administer the entire event management lifecycle for over 180 events per year.
  • A membership platform that enabled members to engage and collaborate using private messaging and groups. 
  • Advanced administration functionality to create, control, monitor, and report on events and memberships.
  • A platform to generate non-dues related revenue using sponsorships and advertisements.

The platform provided the chamber and its membership with a configurable platform that increased revenue, increased member engagement, encouraged better retention, and streamlined the event and member management processes. The administrative functionality ensured that the Chamber was always aware of and in control of all event and membership related activities. The analytics provided the chamber with the data necessary to make informed decisions when developing event and membership plans.