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Giving a Traffic Boost for Big Data – an SEO Strategy that Works

SEO Strategy

A market-leading Big Data and Analytics consulting firm with an exceptional reputation in this competitive field discovered that their website traffic was steadily decreasing.

A recent redesign of the website was suspected as the primarily cause of the decline in overall site traffic, page views, and duration of visits. In addition, many of the Keywords used to describe the firm’s business and capabilities were not ranked by Google.

The firm needed to stay ahead of the competition by implementing an effective SEO strategy that focused on improving their website ranking on the major Search Engines and increased traffic to the website. A plan was needed to quickly identify the underlying issues affecting traffic, such as broken links and recommendations for on-page and off-page optimizations, to promote the firms capabilities and increase website traffic.

The plan needed to include:

  • A list of the underlying issues that were affecting website traffic and the recommended fixes.
  • A strategy and implementation plan of the steps needed to effectively promote the firm’s capabilities using the SEO and Social Media.
  • An easy and accurate way to measure progress.

Working closely with the client, PamTen implemented a carefully planned strategy. Key elements of the plan included:

  • A detailed assessment of the website to uncover technical issues that were affecting website traffic and ranking.
  • Optimization of all website pages with proper Meta data, appropriate Image names, structured internal & external linking, etc.
  • A review of the client’s capabilities and experience to identify the most effective approach to off-page optimization.
  • Online promotions using appropriate business keywords based on white hat & advanced promotional techniques.
  • A backend link strategy to increase the website’s authoritative ranking.
  • Recommendations on the type, format and placement of new content created by the client.
  • Recommendations of how to optimize the Social Media Company profiles and how to best use social media to promote the firm’s business and capabilities.

At the end of the 6 month optimization period the website ranking and traffic increased.

  • Overall traffic to the website increased 36%.
  • 85% of Keywords ranking improved.
  • The website authority ranking improved 32%.
  • Visitors to the website were provided with more relevant content on the firms capabilities and offerings which contributed to lead generation.
  • Customer engagement increased given the increase in blog posts, relevancy and frequency of the content updates on the website and on social media channels.