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Rising Above the Internet Rabble with Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

The reputation of our client, a widely known and highly respected leader of a New York based private “family office” that specializes in Physical Commodities Trading and Private Equity Investments & Advisory Services, was affected due to several negative links in Google’s top search results. The client’s reputation and that of his company were at stake. A plan was needed to quickly address this negative content.

The company also needed an SEO strategy to help it stay ahead of the competition. A plan was needed that focused on improving the website ranking on the major Search Engines and increasing traffic to the website. The plan needed to include:

  • A comprehensive list of the underlying issues that were affecting the personal and company brands.
  • A well defined and detailed online reputation management strategy of how to address the negative content.
  • A detailed implementation plan of the steps needed to effectively promote the client’s personal brand and that of the company to overcome the negative publicity.
  • An SEO, SMO, and SEM strategy and implementation plan to effectively promote the company’s capabilities.
  • An easy and accurate way to measure progress.

Working closely with the client, PamTen implemented a carefully planned strategy. Key elements of the plan included:

  • Analysis of the severity of the negative content.
  • Analysis of the client’s personal branding and that of the company.
  • A unique approach to online reputation management that included:
    • The implementation of 6 different types of domains based on required search terms.
    • Optimization of their websites along with 6 domains as per search engine guidelines.
    • Optimization of all major social profiles to compete negative urls.
  • Continuous optimization and promotional efforts for the positive profiles that were created along with the 6 associated websites to increase brand value for the required search terms.
  • A backend link strategy to increase the website’s authoritative ranking.

By decreasing the authority of the negative content and replacing it with positive profiles the negative impact was minimized. The online reputation of the client’s personal brand and that of the company was restored. Other improvements included:

  • 95% Positive Search results in
  • 95% Positive Search results in
  • Overall traffic to the company website increased by 66%.
  • 90% of Keywords ranking improved.
  • Social traffic contribution to total traffic increased from 6% to 21%.