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IT Strategy Services

Our Client’s business was created to provide individuals with the information that would help them best improve their chances of living longer, happier and healthier lives. The developer of this lifestyle system recognized that a web based platform was the most efficient and cost effective way to realize his goal. He wanted something that was user friendly and also incorporated login capability. Given limited resources and the skills required to build a web applications, our Client engaged PamTen to design and implement a web solution that included:

  • Application User Interfaces
  • Automated e-Newsletter Delivery
  • Iconography
  • Logo Design
  • Solution Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

Based on a detailed analysis by PamTen, it was determined that in addition to displaying information there was also a need to allow users to create and store new information on the website. Efficiency and ease of use were stressed throughout the design and development process. The solution included a login system that was supplemented with an automated e-Newsletter distribution system that increased user visits. An efficient database was designed that was responsive and easily interfaced with the front end website. PamTen used a combination of CSS, Javascript, andHTML to design a stylish and user friendly site and MySQL and PHP to interface user databases with the Web Portal.


By applying Search Engine Optimization, PamTen helped generate a significant increase in visitor traffic. The site itself was stunning and unique while being easy to use which encouraged visitors to return to the site time and time again which increased revenues. The most important benefit was allowing our Client to focus on its mission without having to struggle with technical issues.