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Manageable Asset Management

Manageable Asset Management

Our Client is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. They often terminated employees who continued to maintain company assets and uncompleted work tasks after receiving severance payments. Our Client had been tracking assets both manually and electronically, leading to a confusing mass of often contradicting information. Severance pay and work completion were tracked on different platforms that made consolidating information difficult. Assets were frequently lost and never returned, and properly managing severance payments was a challenge. Workplace productivity was greatly compromised as many employees had to work around inefficient and inaccurate systems and processes.

Resolving these vulnerabilities and improving accuracy and productivity required an automated platform that could:

  • Consolidate Human Resources data and information from an outsourced company to determine the status of asset return and work completion.
  • Use various API’s to interface internal and external source databases.
  • Provide ready access to information consolidated from multiple platforms through an easy to use Web Portal.
  • Integrate printing and exporting functions to monitor progress on various platforms.

PamTen fulfilled these requirements by delivering a .NET and SQL solution that maximized efficiency while minimizing costs. We developed high level application interface architecture, with business logic, DB procedures and API’s, to interface with our Client’s internal and external source databases. All Human Resources and outsourced data could now be accessed through a central Web Portal in an organized and consolidated manner. The Portal also allowed for printing and exporting functions.

Throughout the course of the project, PamTen remained steadfastly committed to our Client’s need for value and minimal project coordination.


Our Client was now able to track all assets they provided employees prior to their termination in a simple and consolidated manner. This helped ensure that work tasks had been completed and Assets were returned prior to processing severance payments. Productivity for employees processing these payments was greatly enhanced as internal and external Databases were now consolidated, organized and easily accessible. Operating expenses were decreased because of improved employee productivity and retrieval of previously lost assets.