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Project And Program Management And Reporting In One Consolidated System

Project and Program Management

A multinational major financial services company needed a simple and easy way to collect information for their budget planning cycle. A solution was needed to collect and collate program and project data from various business units for budget planning and project prioritization purposes. Business planners needed the ability to input program and project data, collate the data and generate reports that enabled the area and domain leads to view the information from a central repository to make informed decisions.

The Client required a solution capable of:

  1. Collecting the program/project information via a SharePoint form and store the data in the database.
  2. Generating reports that ranked programs and project by ROI.
  3. Performing basic form validations (data types, project number (unique) etc).
  4. Supporting multiple roles with a basic workflow that enabled teams to enter specific projects and areas leads to review and provide updates, and approvals.

PamTen leveraged its knowledge and experience with IT program management and user interface design to create a solution that captured the key data points required to enable the area and domain leads to quickly assess and make decisions on the proposed programs and projects.

The solution consisted of a simple landing page, program/project input forms and a reports screen. Team leads entered program and project information into a form that performed basic validations (data types, project number (unique) etc). Domain leads were then given the opportunity to view, assess and edit the data as required. To satisfy the level of transparency and security required by the client, all business planners were granted view only access to all input forms & the reports dashboard – drill down to individual project reports was privileged based. The reports ranked programs and projects based on predetermined criteria that were configurable to allow the tailoring of the criteria to meet the changing needs of the business. All reports were exportable to EXCEL, PPT and PDF.


For the first time in the history of the organization a consistent process was implemented that all business planners could use for presenting program and project information. The solution increased the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of the program and project planning process.