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Removing Roadblocks for Cash-for-Cash Customers

Solution for Cash-for-Cash Customers

Our client is a global leader in security-related services for banks, retailers and a variety of other commercial and governmental customers. They provide a cash-for-cash service and were faced with an increasing demand for change orders from their customers. They had a manual process to accommodate these change order requests, requiring the client to phone customer service during business hours to request the change. This process was cumbersome, time consuming and affecting customer satisfaction.

Our client was particularly focused on their retail customers, and turned to PamTen for help developing an online web service which could be used 24×7 to create and execute cash-for-cash change orders. The solution needed to:

  • Enable customers to place orders on demand.
  • Allow customers to easily change their order (delivery date, denomination, frequency of delivery, etc.).
  • Provide detailed order status information.

A customer facing website was needed to enable retail customers to place change orders, modify existing orders and obtain detailed order status information. PamTen created a highly intuitive user friendly web application that interfaces with the client’s cash management system through the use of custom built APIs. The application was built using the .NET 4.0 Framework. The solution included a custom built reporting solution using Crystal Reports to provide detailed order status information to retail customers and client personnel.


Our web portal solution streamlined the order/change order process significantly, providing increased efficiency and accuracy. Our client was able to satisfy the customer demand for cash-for-cash change orders by enabling their customers to quickly and easily place and change orders. It also improved customer satisfaction as they now had a simplified process that allowed them to use this portal 24×7, so at their convenience vs. during business hours. Because their customers found it much easier to use the portal, our client generated additional revenue for their cash-for cash change order service as a result of providing this improved process. Overall our client enjoyed improved customer relations as a result of making it easier to do business with them.