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Making sure mission critical data gets to the people who need it is essential for any business. Not all systems or processes integrate or communicate with each other, which could create road blocks. By reviewing a company’s processes and understanding end result requirements, PamTen can build Mobile or Custom solutions to increase productivity and achieve business goals, as well as eCommerce and web or social media responsiveness to assist with market visibility.

Data-Based Investment Decisions Done Fast

Data-Based Investment

A biotech investor who tracks the drugs and medical devices under development by small and mid-sized biotech companies needs to make educated investments. The client needed the capabilities to examine and evaluate newly developing products in consolidated format.

The system requirements were:

  • Provide a data base of companies in the industry including their important details.
  • Track currently developing products with their stage progression.
  • Provide insight into a new product’s purposes and testing.
  • Stay connected with events that promote newly developing products.

PamTen designed and implemented a system that:

  • Retrieved and displayed share prices, number of shares, market highs and lows and description.
  • Identified stage progression, type, indicator and company name.
  • Provided testimonials to provide insight into a new product.
  • Included case studies about products to provide further insight into the purpose of the new product.
  • Can plan and manage events to promote newly developing products.

PamTen delivered a system that enabled the client to:

  • Easier access for faster investment.
  • To engage in events based around newly developed products.
  • Increased understanding of products and their purpose.
  • Predictive analysis on product progression.
  • Administer the application at various levels.
  • Include moderators who could post the event details.
  • Add as many moderators as needed.