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Chaya Pamula Honored at The Federation of Indian Associations International Women’s Day Event

Indian Associations International Women’s Day Event

March 2022 New York City –  In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Federation of Indian Associations held an awards ceremony in New York. Six amazing women were honored for their contributions to society, supporting other Indian women, and the impact and difference they are making to their fields. 

PamTen CEO, Chaya Pamula was honored as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.  She is the co-founder of PamTen and provides guidance, direction, and inspiration to the company as it continues to grow. Chaya is also the founder of SheTek, a non-profit that provides support, training, and mentorship for women in the technology field. Among her proudest accomplishments is SOFKIN, Support Organization for Kids in Need. This NGO provides loving homes for over 100 destitute children. It is a place where they receive nourishing food, health care, a warm and comfortable residence, and a truly loving home.  

“This incredible honor,” Chaya said. “FIA leadership, I applaud your great efforts in this grand celebration of international women’s day. Awards like these not only inspire and motivate my work with SOFKIN, SheTek and PamTen, but also the next generation of trailblazers and change makers. My passion revolves around empowering women and children, so they in turn can empower and uplift themselves, their families, and their communities. I offer my sincere gratitude to my family, friends, donors, and my team for standing by me as a strong support in following my passion and realizing my vision! Thank you again for this incredible honor!” she concluded. 

The celebration was developed by the FIA to express their belief that what women are capable of accomplishing is limitless. That they are powerful, and that they can and do make an immense difference in the world.