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Impactful Internship Empowering Young Women

Empowering Young Women

Encouraging young people to pursue careers in IT and the computer sciences is an important part of PamTen’s corporate objectives. It is especially gratifying when we can inspire and mentor young women. Our Vizag offices had the opportunity to work with some wonderful college women during a 4 week program that inspired employees and students alike.

Coming to our office as interns were 6 students, all looking for real life projects to test their knowledge and abilities. The women were mentored by members of our PamTen’s IT Solutions Department. The PamTen team helped the interns develop and administer several assignments:

  • An Internal Email system was developed with PHP technology and MYSQL database.
  • A tourism based website was built with Angular JS technology.
  • Testing methodologies that were both manual and automated using the Selenium tool were created. These testing methods were then applied to the other two projects.

At the completion of their internship with PamTen, all of the interns were very happy with the program. The students expressed their gratitude to PamTen and its management for this unique opportunity. They all concurred that it was a new way of thinking about projects and the real time experience would be very beneficial as they pursue their IT Careers. It was a wonderful experience for all involved.

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