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PamTen Featured in INNOVATE NJ

PamTen Team

May 2020, Princeton, NJ –  PamTen,  an award winning global technology company that has received much recognition over the course of years, is thrilled to be featured in the new book: INNOVATE NJ. This unique eBook (and soon to be available hardcover) features over 300 pages of the state’s finest innovators across all industries.

The THOUGHT LEADERS chapter reflects sought-after thought leaders and the state’s most notable industries. Each thought leader’s piece reads like a TED Talk, focusing on that person’s unique experience and what it has taught them about innovation. PamTen’s President, CEO, and co-founder, Chaya Pamula, is featured on page 30 as a strong proponent of technology, entrepreneurship, and encouraging women in the tech field through the ‘SheTek‘ initiative.

PamTen is featured prominently in the INNOVATION ENABLERS section as one of the leading technology and innovative companies in New Jersey. PamTen has been providing creative IT solutions for companies throughout New Jersey as well as across the globe. The company has also created an innovative collaboration platform called ‘BizLigo‘ which is gaining a significant traction in the market.

Prepared by Global Village Publishing, this volume of Innovative New Jersey celebrates innovators and innovation enablers in a variety of industries and stages of development. This book features the best and brightest of New Jersey.

“INNOVATE NEW JERSEY is unique because it showcases innovation in the state as a whole,” says Carel “Callie” Van Graan, Global Village Publishing’s COO. “It’s allowed us to zoom out on the innovation ecosystem in New Jersey, to capture the big picture of it, but also to zoom in on the individual companies that make up that ecosystem.” No matter their size, however, participants were carefully researched before being nominated for inclusion.

“It is an honor to be included in this inaugural edition,” Chaya stated. PamTen co-founder and COO, Prasad Tenjerla added, “It highlights what we have always believed for PamTen, that we are a creative and innovative company inspired by our employees and our clients.”