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PamTen Introduces Two New Products

Pamten Products - Connectpro Global & Instore Pal

Princeton, NJ –  PamTen, Inc., a Certified Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise based in Princeton, NJ, with offices in the US, Canada, and India,  has been an IT solutions and staffing company for more than a decade. Its continued success has earned the company a spot as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies as awarded by NJ Biz.  But when The Creative Minds start looking ahead, great ideas come into view. PamTen is expanding its vision and is now introducing 2 new products that are available for businesses and organizations.

Proximity Marketing in the Palm of Your Hand

First demonstrated at an event in Mississauga, Ontario, InStorePal is a convenient application for stores, museums, shopping areas, and events to easily distribute direct messages to people that are nearby. It is a unique way to provide your customers with a more personalized shopping experience.

InStorePal is easy to use. The software to create, produce and schedule messages requires only a few simple steps to configure.  The beacons, which broadcast the programmed messages via Bluetooth, are inconspicuous and have a long life. Shoppers and visitors simply download the app and start receiving their localized messages. There is a dual messaging system which sends a different message based on how near or far the user is to the beacon. These features combine to provide detailed reporting to gain insight into visits, repeat visitors, and dwell time between locations.

Consolidated Event Planning and Networking

ConnectPro Global provides a unique platform for organizations and groups to plan and manage meetings, invite members and additional participants, and maintain an open forum for attendees and members to communicate with each other.

ConnectPro Global is a Professional Event Management system designed to centralize the functions of event  management, allowing you to manage the entire event life cycle in one seamless process, maintaining continuity throughout and across events. Registered members can host and sign up for events within a verified network of professionals.  All members have to be verified by an administrator before becoming activated and able to participate. This feature is important for professionals as it ensures interacting with others business professionals and avoids spam or soliciting profiles. Members are able to RSVP to other member’s events, create new events, communicate with others in the network, and much more. 

For more information about these or other PamTen products or services, contact Chaya Pamula at 609-643-4228.