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PamTen Kicks off a Career Boosting Webinar Series First up: Turbo Charge Your Career 2021

Turbo Charge Your Career Series

PamTen Inc., a certified Minority Women Owned IT Service and Staffing provider, is offering a free series of informative webinars detailing the trending opportunities and careers in the IT field. The Career Turbo Charger Series will review the tools you need to be a part of these developing segments of the ever expanding IT field.

The series begins on March 9th, 12:00 pm EST with Turbo Charge Your Career 2021.

This first webinar, presented in conjunction with SheTek, a non-profit that is addressing the need to increase the percentage of women represented in the technology industry, will explore Data Analytics.

The recent pandemic confirmed the need for key technology specialists to assure businesses and individuals can continue to thrive. According to the World Economic Forum, data analyst is one of the most in-demand job categories across all industries in the U.S.  A recent study by IBM indicated that the demand for data and analytics professionals will increase by 3.64 thousand to 2.72 million openings.

Data analytics is utilized in all industries to extract trends, patterns, and correlations in large amounts of raw data to assist companies and organizations in making informed decisions. How that data is analyzed, what skills you need to be a part of it, and how it can help grow your career grow will be covered in depth by our industry experts.

Take away for the kick off webinar will be:

  • How to Turbo Charge your career with the right Analytics Technologies
  • Upgrade your skills to propel yourself into the growing Analytics field
  • Hear from Industry experts about the reality of the work and how to get started
  • What it takes to get into the Most in Demand jobs

Register Here, for the free Turbo Charge Your Career 2021 – Data Analytics webinar.

Our experts will go in to detail on where to start, how to develop, and what you can do to make 2021 the year your tech career takes off.

Additional dates in the series are:

  • 6-Apr-2021   Career in the Cloud – Cloud Computing
  • 11-May-2021 The AI Career – Data Science Exploration
  • 8-Jun-2021   Analytics Graduate – In depth exploration of Analytics
  • 8-Jul-2021    The Data Career – Data Warehousing
  • 10-Aug-2021 Next Gen Web Apps – Web Development
  • 10-Sep-2021 Cyber Secure Career – Cyber Security

To stay updated on future webinars, email us at [email protected].